Signs Of Dehydration That You May Not Know About

Water intake is very important to keep a healthy body. In fact, doctors recommend you to drink at least 8 glasses or 2 liters of water every day. However, not everyone is conscious about their water intake and they end up dehydrated. Dehydration is not just about feeling thirsty. There are other signs as well that you might have no idea are related to dehydration.

1. Dizziness

Dehydration means you have less fluid volume in your blood and this can cause your blood pressure to drop. A low blood pressure can cause your dizziness or vertigo.

2. Bad breath

Your saliva has antibacterial properties that can help keep bad breath at bay. But when you are dehydrated, you lose the ability to produce saliva. This can cause the bacteria to grow in your mouth and cause bad breath.

3. Constipation

Water intake influences your digestive system by making it easier for you to move your bowels. Without proper water intake, you can expect difficulty relieving yourself.

4. Headache

Your brain is inside a fluid sac and the fluids prevent your brain from bumping against your skull. When you are dehydrated, you get a thinner layer of protection from the fluid sac and this can cause a headache. If you are more curious about best water bottle then you can learn more about it on

5. Sweet cravings

Before you reach for sweets you better stop and think, did you drink enough water today? Because the intense craving your feeling can be caused by dehydration. When you are dehydrated, your body relies on your glycogen for energy. Sweets happen to be a fast way to replenish this loss.

Remember, dehydration is harmful to your health as it takes away your body’s ability to regulate not only your temperature but also your digestion. Carry around with you a Yakihobby water bottle to keep you hydrated all day by making sure that you have water within your reach all the time. Look out for water bottle brands of 2020 to ensure that you purchase a high-quality reusable water bottle.